The little warrior who transforme the landscape of donación in Spain.

In the playful streets and lively classrrooms of his city, Alberto stood out as a torrent of vitality and hope. He was always the child who, with a brilliant smile and insatiable curiosity, showed that life was meant to be lived with passion. Even in the hospital, with its painted walls and silent hallways, Alberto had the ability to transform the atmosphere, making every corner fill with laughter and hope. 

However, adversity knocked on his door early. He was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma. Although initial misdiagnoses caused precious time to be lost, Alberto never gave up. Every time the disease tried to gain ground, he responded with determination and courage that left everyone around him amazed.

After an intense initial battle and a few months of relative calm, a new challenge emerged in his path. Alberto needed a bone marrow transplant. The call to find a donor resonated not only in his community but throughout the country. His story mobilized the nation, leading to renewed interest and awareness about the importance of bone marrow donation. Despite the fervor, a compatible donor was not found in time, leading to the decision for an autologous transplant.

The disease, in one last cruel twist, returned with force. Nevertheless, Alberto left behind a legacy of transformation. Through his struggle, a wave of solidarity was created that highlighted the need and urgency of bone marrow donation in Spain. 

Alberto is now remembered not only as the child full of life and hope but also as the little warrior who, through his story, brought about a change of consciousness nationwide. His spirit lives on in every donor and in every life saved thanks to the awareness his story generated. He is a clear example of how a single life can have a profound and lasting impact on an entire nation.

For all that he represented, for his influence, and for leaving and indelible mark on the heart of Spain, we at INDEPF PROPOSE that Alberto be posthumously recognized with the Medal of Civil Merit as a tribute to his bravery and the movement he inspired in favor of donation and solidarity.

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