INDEPF inaugurates its new Rare Multidisciplinary Room

A renovation made possible thanks to a grant from the City Council of Ciudad Real and private initiatives such as PLADUR España and the La Caixa Foundation

After months of undergoing renovations, the Center for Rare Diseases Care has inaugurated its new Rare Multidisciplinary Room, which will serve as an auditorium and training space, along with two new consulting rooms to attend to patients with these types of conditions and their families.

The inauguration was led by the Director General of the organization, Mr. Jesús Ignacio Meco, the Mayor of the City Council of Campo de Criptana, Mr. Santiago Lázaro, Mr. César Jimeno, Head of Social Action at Caixabank, and Mr. Mariano Ucendo, Deputy for the Alcázar de San Juan region. In the words of the Mayor, “Jesús has managed to align political and private institutions to improve facilities that have great potential.”

All of them have reiterated the importance of having a specielized center for the care of people with rare diseases, whose professionals are fully dedicated to the patients, knowing the procedures to follow and providing all possible assistance to those in need. Mr. Santiago Lázaro confirmed that in the coming days, an agreement will be signed allowing INDEPF to continue its services in the Casa de las Asociaciones de Campo de Criptana.

The infraestructure improvement works were made possible through a grant from the City Council of Ciudad Real awarded to INDEPF and donations from private initiatives such as the La Caixa Foundation and PLADUR España.

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