Santiago Lázaro, the mayor of Campo de Criptana, visits the work of the care center that Indepf is refurbishing

Indepf is rehabilitating the Attention Center for patients with rare diseases to include two new consultation rooms and a training room and event hall.

The Mayor of Campo de Criptana, Santiago Lázaro, visited INDEPF’s Center for Rare Diseases Patients Care, which is currently under renovation to include two new consultation rooms, a training room, and a event hall.

During the visit, the mayor was accompanied by several members of the municipal corporation, including the Provincial Deputy of the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real, Mariano Ucendo.

The renovation of the center has been made possible thanks to a grant awarded by the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real and the contribution of companies such as Pladur España, which has allowed the creation of a multidisciplinary training space and the expansion of care for patients with rare or uncommon diseases. The mayor’s visit to the center’s worksite demonstrate the commitment of the Campo de Criptana City Council to improving the quality of life for people living with these diseases.

During the visit, the mayor shared with attendees the commitment of the City Council to renew the agreement by which INDEPF can maintain its center in the Casa de las Asociaciones of Campo de Criptana, an agreement that ends this year. The renewal of this agreement is essential to ensure the continuity of care for people with rare diseases.

The Center for Care of Patients with Rare Diseases at INDEPF is an example of the importance of providing specialized care tailored to the needs of people with these diseases. The expansion of the center’s facilities will improve patient care and provide specialized training to healthcare professionals and society as a whole.

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