The professionals at INDEPF reinvent themselves to be able to continue their activity

The members of the INDEPF team, a non-profit organization based in Campo de Criptana and the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, have decided to hit the streets to convey their solidarity work and the needs of patients with rare diseases to the public. The chosen location was the Los Invasores flea market, located in the city of Albacete, specifically at the beginning of its fairgrounds.

Fundraising through solidarity markets is a very common activity among non-profit organizations, especially during this holidays season. Therefore, in the face of scarce resources and lack of assistance from the authorities, INDEPF has decided to take to the streets to make the rare disease community and all those who work fervently to defend and help them visible.

This activity was prompted by the recent denial of a health and social grant that INDEPF had to face the scheduled projects for this year, maintain the psychology and social work services it offers to patients, and pay its workers’ salaries. This market, which took place on January 3 and 10, consisted of a tent where medical uniforms, educational material for children, and local products such as oil and various varieties of wine were sold.

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