INDEPF Fridays: “Decent Employment for People with Disabilities”

The Institute for Research and Social Development of Rare Diseases (INDEPF) held a prominent conference titled “Decent Employment for People with Disabilities”, presented by Ángel Luis Olivares, Managing Director of ALMIDA, a renowned organization dedicated to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce. 

The lecture took place on Friday, May 26th at 7:30 PM at the Indepf Hall, located in the Casa de las Asociaciones in Campo de Criptana (C/ Álvarez de Castro s/n, 13610). This special event was aimed at individuals with disabilities who are seeking employment, as well as professionals in the field, organizations, and entities interested in promoting inclusive employment.

The conference provided valuable information on the opportunities and possibilities available for individuals with disabilities in the workplace. Ángel Luis Olivares, a recognized expert in inclusive employment, shared his extensive knowledge and experience, addressing topics such as inclusion policies, support programs, labor rights, and best practices for fostering decent and equitable employment.

For INDEPF, it has been a source of pride to offer this informative and motivating lecture to all individuals with disabilities who are seeking employment opportunities. We firmly believe in the importance of promoting inclusive and dignified employment for everyone, and this lecture represent another step towards that goal.

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